All Pain No Gain Launches; Dominion Lies

All Pain No Gain Launches; Dominion Lies 

As the All Pain No Gain campaign launches to stop the current dangerous Atlantic Coast Pipeline routes, Dominion issues 3 weak lies in its defense:

Lie #1 -  All Pain No Gain is using “scare tactics and misinformation.”

It's not a  ‘scare tactic’ to have a real concern about the vulnerability of our headwaters that provide clean, safe drinking water to countless homes, farms, and businesses here and downstream. In fact, in the last six months the Augusta County Board of Supervisors has spent nearly $40,000 for scientific studies that quantify just how valuable and vulnerable our water is. In light of that information Dominion has failed to explain how it would protect those public and private water resources while the corporation also refuses to discuss with local leaders any plans for mitigation and compensation should a mishap occur.

The reality is that Dominion has never constructed a pipeline of this size or through this type of challenging terrain. Further, Dominion relies so heavily on contract work that its very core values of safety and ethics are routinely compromised. While reassuring us that can handle extensive sinkholes and the challenge of our vulnerable hydrology and karst, they have yet to provide us with a single example where either they or any company has successfully handled such issues.

Lie # 2 - Tax Revenue will be a good consolation prize for a dangerous new pipeline

Dominion’s numbers are smoke and mirrors and can’t be proven in any way. Even if Dominion’s tax revenue numbers for Augusta County are true, that equates to less than $21 per person. That revenue will be offset by the real estate revenue loss from land that is rendered undevelopable by the path of the pipeline. Entire farms and tracts of land will fall in value and in resale worth because there is a massive pipeline going through the property. In instances, especially where the line comes near homes and other structures, the loss of property value could be devastatingly significant. If the pipeline causes a permanent loss of timber revenue from a farm, or messes up the water source of the property, then what is the revenue loss that stretches into perpetuity? The ripple effects are actually quite mind-boggling.

Lie # 3 - Dominion does consider rights of ways as options for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Dominion says that it does consider rights of ways. Really? Currently 100 percent of the pipeline route is either on  private property (more than 90 percent) or on public lands. Are you telling us that of the 3,000 miles of natural gas pipelines that Dominions says are already in Virginia that not one mile could be incorporated into its route? What about transmission lines, railroads, or interstates?

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline - and Dominion's lies - are All Pain and No Gain

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