APNG strikes a Nerve with Gov. McAuliffe on WVRA's Ask the Governor

All Pain No Gain Co Chair Charlotte Rea called Richmond’s WVRA’s Ask the Governor program this morning.

Below is what she asked the Governor. Unfortunately it touched a nerve and Governor McAuliffe launched into misleading talking points – many of which we have heard from Dominion. Rebuttal coming tomorrow. Stay tuned….

Co-Chair Rea's Questions: 
Good morning, I'm Co-Chair of the All Pain No Gain Campaign, a group of Virginia citizens, asking Dominion to move the proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to a responsible route off of private property and sensitive public lands and onto existing rights of way.

Governor you were just talking about economic development but Dominion admits that only 39 permanent direct jobs will be created in Virginia. Temporary construction jobs will mostly go to union workers out of state.

You just mentioned the new brewery in Richmond but many communities and small businesses like the breweries in Nelson County will actually lose revenues and job as property is devalued and our beautiful mountains clear cut and industrialized.

So Governor McAuliffe will you join the All Pain No Gain campaign in asking Dominion to move the pipeline to a responsible route?

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