Augusta and Nelson Co. Residents Release Ad Countering Pipeline

A new campaign is hitting the airwaves promoting a message that Dominion's natural gas pipeline will bring all pain and no gain to Augusta and Nelson counties.

An ad for the campaign states, "This pipeline route threatens our environment and the beauty of our mountains. Our property rights will be taken away. The potential for catastrophic explosions puts our communities at risk."

Organizers are pumping $1 million into the All Pain, No Gain Campaign to fight Dominion and demand the energy company find a different route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The goal of the All Pain, No Gain campaign is to bring together people across Virginia to make sure their state and federal lawmakers are involved in the fight.

Leaders of the campaign say the natural gas pipeline would threaten the natural resources of central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, especially when it comes to water quality.

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