Pipeline a bad deal for Nelson

Gov. Terry McAuliffe once again showed how out of touch he is with Nelson County and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by saying, “There are hundreds of pipelines in Virginia. Everyone acts like this is the first one being done … . You talk about opening up communities ... Nelson County needs help. They need economic development.”

While it is true that there are 3,000 miles of natural gas pipelines in Virginia, there are zero pipelines like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. It is by far the largest diameter pipeline ever attempted in Virginia and would go through some of Virginia’s most challenging terrain. In fact, it is larger than the controversial Keystone Pipeline, a 36-inch pipeline.

This pipeline is dangerous — not just because of its size but because of the unstable mountain terrain, shallow soils and karst topography through which Dominion is planning to run this pipeline. Even more troubling, this pipeline will be mainly constructed by out-of-state union contractors. Dominion also has no experience doing projects of this complexity and scale, and in such challenging terrain.


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