Statement of All Pain, No Gain on Dominion’s Decision to Withdraw Lawsuits Against Landowners

Nelson County, Va. – All Pain, No Gain co-chair Charlotte Rea today issued the following statement on Dominion’s decision to withdraw its lawsuits against landowners along the study corridor who had refused access to their land for the purpose of surveying for a natural gas pipeline:

 “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline continues to be all pain and no gain for impacted landowners in Nelson and Augusta counties.  Tuesday’s news from Dominion truly points out the fallacies of Virginia statute 56-49.01, which unjustly gives a corporation the right to enter private property without owner permission. While Judge Carl Edward Eason Jr.’s ruling in Suffolk stopped ACP LLC from suing landowners in Virginia on a legal technicality, it provided landowners little long-term relief.”

“This threat to the rights of private landowners will continue to be highlighted through the All Pain, No Gain campaign. Landowners, neighbors and communities impacted by Dominion's proposed pipeline are rising up to speak out against this project. Over 600 people called U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner in three days last week and a team of organizations opposing the pipeline delivered 5,000 petitions to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s office yesterday asking him to change his position on the pipeline. Lawmakers and Dominion will continue to see and hear the faces and the voices of the people over the next few weeks and beyond. For Virginians everywhere, this proposed pipeline continues to be all pain and no gain.”

Rea, a retired United States Air Force colonel, owns property that lies on the original route that Dominion Transmission, Inc. (DTI) asked to survey.  Although Dominion is withdrawing its lawsuits because the project is no longer directed by DTI, another Dominion-affiliated company, Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC (ACP), plans to re-issue letters requesting surveys on many of the same private properties with the underlying threat of a lawsuit to landowners who do not allow access.

All Pain, No Gain is an advocacy campaign dedicated to pressuring Dominion Power to move the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline to an alternate, responsible route. The campaign is co-chaired by Nancy Sorrells, a former member of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, and Charlotte Rea. The purpose of the campaign is to unite all Virginians to work together with state and federal officials to ensure that public interests are protected in Dominion’s plan for a natural gas pipeline in the Commonwealth. The campaign is calling on Dominion to move the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to a more responsible alternative location that maximizes the use of existing right of ways.  For more information about the All Pain, No Gain campaign please visit

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